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Locorotondo,la Città Rotonda.

When you drive from Martina Franca or up from the coast near Fasano, Locorotondo appears on the top of a round hill, as a large cluster of white houses dominated by a tall church.

The name of the town means "round place", and the circular plan of the old town centre, the Centro Storico, is still evident today.

Inside the walls surrounding the centro storico, and breached only in a few places,is a fascinating and beautiful warren of narrow streets and alleyways, whitewashed houses, arches, and balconies full of colourful flowers. The main individual sights of the town are the impressive Mother Church of St George, built around 1800, and the late Gothic church of San Marco della Greca.

Locorotondo probably started as a Greek colony town, but concrete facts about its history date from 1431, when the "Terra Loci Rotondi" belonged to a principality of Taranto. In 1645 it transferred to more local rule under the dukedom of Martina Francesco Caracciolo.

Today the town still enjoys fine views over the Itria Valley and its trulli. It is best known for its wines, the white wine of Locorotondo.

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